Fancy a fall makeover? The season is the time of change. So it’s not surprising if you feel like changing your style and reinventing yourself a little. The easiest way to do this is to go to the hairdresser. Here are three hot hairstyling trends for fall 2023.

Hair looks best old money and quiet luxury in fall 2023. The keywords “Old Money Aesthetic” and “Quiet Luxurious” are now becoming a big topic when it comes to hair styling. Beauty lovers are now opting for expensive-looking hair colors and perfect styling. Classic hairstyles with a naturally elegant curve are popular in autumn 2023. In the “Quiet Luxury Trend” the hair should feel like high-quality cashmere, silk or woven wool.

The bob stays! The most popular haircut of 2023 will not disappear from the scene even in autumn. It adapts much more to the prevailing “Quiet Luxury” trend. The key is to style the bob hairstyle as if you had just been to the hairdresser. Away from the out-of-bed look towards subtle but expensive elegance. This works particularly well with the right styling tools such as a hairdryer, round brush or curlers. Good hair care is also essential.

For a long time, copper and other red tones were undesirable in hair salons. Now shimmering red hair is slowly making a comeback. Soft and strong copper tones are already being seen more and more often, while strong red tones in the hair are increasingly desired again. Brave and adventurous beauty fans can work with candy pink, rosé or cherry-colored accents in copper-colored hair.