Shortly before the 8,000th episode of the RTL long-term series “Good Times, Bad Times” (GZSZ), actress Susan Sideropoulos looks back full of nostalgia on her time in the soap. “For me, these ten years are among my most beautiful and formative years,” said the 43-year-old in an interview broadcast by RTL. “I was able to play and experience so much that some people probably need five lives.” According to the station, GZSZ started on May 11, 1992, so the 8,000th episode will air on April 15.

Sideropoulos told the station that she was simply very grateful, especially for her role as Verena. “Even today, so many people speak to me with the words ‘You are the heroine of my childhood’. Can there be a better way? I was able to shape entire generations, some even learned German with me, I laughed, suffered and cried a lot with me . Verena’s death is probably one of the most emotional TV moments.”