In the current civil lawsuit against Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow (50) because of a skiing accident, the actress is now protesting her innocence. Not they, but the plaintiff, who had initially demanded more than three million dollars in damages from Paltrow, caused the collision in the Rocky Mountains in 2016. Paltrow also claims that at the time she thought the man was trying to sexually harass her.

Paltrow says that the man approached her from behind while driving on the slope, she quotes the US celebrity portal “TMZ”. He slipped his skis between her legs and pressed his body against hers, making “a strange grunting noise”. She first thought of sexual assault, according to Paltrow’s testimony in court in Park City, Utah. “I thought: is this some kind of joke? Is someone doing something perverted?” After the collision, she was in shock. This means that statement stands against statement.

The plaintiff, however, accuses Paltrow of getting out of control while skiing and hitting him. He claims Paltrow drove into him on the runway and “punched him hard to the ground”. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries. The man is said to have initially demanded 3.3 million US dollars (about 3.1 million euros) in damages. In the meantime, however, the sum has been reduced to 300,000 US dollars (about 280,000 euros).

In addition, the retired doctor alleges that Paltrow committed hit-and-run. However, her lawyers accuse him of lying. The alleged victim “also admits he has no memory of the incident,” her attorneys wrote. The Oscar winner then filed a counterclaim.

At the time, the actress was on a skiing holiday with her current husband Brad Falchuk (52) and the two children from her previous marriage (2003-2016) to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin (46). Daughter Apple (18) and son Moses (16) are also said to be questioned about the case.