US star Gwyneth Paltrow has to answer in court. The actress is being sued over a 2016 skiing accident in which she allegedly seriously injured a man. This is reported by several media, including the “New York Post”. According to unspecified sources, Paltrow should also testify personally. However, it is unclear when she will be called to the witness stand.

The actress is reportedly accused of getting out of control while skiing in Park City, Utah, and hitting a retired doctor. He claims that Paltrow drove into him and “kicked him to the ground hard”. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries. The man is said to have initially demanded $3.1 million in damages. The amount has since been reduced to $300,000.

The retired doctor also explained that after the collision, Paltrow got up, turned and drove away – leaving him behind. Paltrow’s attorneys have accused him of lying. The alleged victim “also admits that he does not remember the incident,” according to her lawyers. “Ms. Paltrow remembers the incident very clearly.” The Oscar winner has therefore filed a counterclaim and claimed that the man rammed her. As “Sky News” reports, she was shocked by the collision and stopped skiing with her family for the day. The man also allegedly apologized to her and said he was fine.

The two will now face each other in a courtroom in Park City. The trial begins Tuesday, March 21, and is expected to last eight days. Paltrow is seeking symbolic damages of $1 plus court costs “because her injuries were relatively minor,” according to court documents, according to the New York Post.