Gisele Bündchen (43) got her mental problems under control by changing her diet, among other things. On “The View” on Thursday, she said she was able to overcome “severe depression and panic attacks” in her 20s by changing her lifestyle. “I had no idea it was related to my lifestyle and food was a big part of it,” the model said on the show. “I wasn’t really paying attention. I was just going 100 miles per hour.”

After a year and a half of going through “one of the worst times of my life” and consulting all the specialists, Bündchen didn’t know what to do anymore – and finally went to see a naturopath. He told her that she had to change her diet. Her first reaction was disbelief: “Diet? What does that have to do with panic attacks,” she remembers. “And he said, ‘It has everything to do with it.'”

As Bündchen also reports, she “ate terribly all day long,” drank coffee and smoked. Eventually she realized that her lifestyle was destroying her health and “caused the state I was in.” Then “everything” changed, the model enthuses: “I became a different person. I started meditating. I started practicing yoga. I started doing breathing exercises. It was a long journey.” Today, food is medicine for her.

Bündchen recently shared her diet and exercise routines with the Wall Street Journal. In the morning she drinks lukewarm water with lemon and Celtic salt. Sometimes there is also a smoothie. After training she eats eggs. But there is one ingredient that Bündchen avoids at all costs: white sugar, which she calls “poison.” She also revealed that the sports she does regularly include Pilates, weight lifting and cardio training.