In the 13th season, Giovanni Zarrella (46) took part as a coach on “The Voice of Germany” for the first time and even achieved second place with his protégé behind Bill and Tom Kaulitz (34). After just one season, the entertainer has now announced his exit from the popular ProSieben show.

After being revealed as a mystery on “The Masked Singer” the night before, Zarrella spoke out in an Instagram story on Sunday (April 14) and explained the reasons behind his exit. “It’s going wild for me now,” he explains. In the coming weeks and months there will be numerous rehearsals and recordings for his “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” on ZDF. “For me, of course, that means: rehearse, rehearse, rehearse,” said the musician and presenter. The show “deserves all my attention.” There would be a total of three more editions of the show until late summer.

There are also numerous concerts and festivals where Zarrella appears. The singer also explains that he is currently recording a new album. “And all of these things led me to a sad decision,” the 46-year-old continued. “When I do something, I do it with 100 percent.” And this 100 percent has currently been achieved – also because the father and husband of Jana Ina Zarrella (47) still wants to have time for his family in addition to all his professional activities. “That’s why it was with a heavy heart that I told the ‘The Voice of Germany’ team a few days ago that unfortunately I wouldn’t be there this year,” says Zarrella.

But he doesn’t rule out a future return. “I had one of the best experiences in my life with the show last year. Maybe again next year or in the next few years,” sums up Zarrella, who himself became known through the casting show “Popstar”. Zarrella announces that he still wants to support his talents from “The Voice”. Some are also on his tour. He teases: “And maybe some will be featured in the next ‘Giovanni Zarrella Show’.”

Giovanni Zarrella was part of the coaches on “The Voice of Germany” from September to December 2023 alongside the Kaulitz brothers, Ronan Keating (47) and Shirin David (29). His talent Desirey Sarpong Agyemang (20) made it to second place. It is unclear whether a successor has already been found for the entertainer. A start date for the 14th season is not yet known, but the show usually premieres in late summer or early fall.