First the great love, then the “Sommerhaus” curse, now the tears are flowing: A few days ago, the former “Sommerhaus” candidate Dana Feist (26) officially ended her relationship with the reality TV star Gigi Birofio (24). . It wasn’t easy for her to draw this conclusion, as she tearfully admits in a new “RTL” interview.

“My head is partly empty because I don’t want to worry about it and drag myself down further. Sometimes everything comes back up again,” the 26-year-old explains to the station. The reason for the end of love was Birofio’s missteps. “He was unfaithful to me, 100 percent,” the professional soldier clarifies and adds: “That’s why it’s not easy for me to talk about it.” Feist has evidence of Birofio’s infidelity, but she is still keeping it private.

During the course of the relationship, he is said to have cheated on her more than once. Already in the “Summer House of the Stars”, where both appeared as a couple, they are said to have been on the verge of a separation. He also cheated on her on the show and even confessed to cheating. She has forgiven him for what she now sees as a mistake: “I think it was also my personal mistake that I didn’t leave straight away,” she explains. This incident changed the relationship, he became disrespectful towards her and did not appreciate her forgiving him.

Despite the allegations, Gigi Birofio has so far held back from making personal statements. His management commented on Feist’s words in an Instagram story: “We understand that relationships are sometimes subject to considerable strain and some fail because of this.” It goes on to say that the separation is a private matter. That’s why Birofio decided against “making exclusive details or secrets public.” The fact that private details became public a few days after the separation is not a healthy way of dealing with a separation: “Respect also means not publicly embarrassing people.”

According to Birofio’s management, their behavior is just a PR strategy. For ex-girlfriend Dana Feist, however, it is clear: “He is disappointed because he didn’t think I would open my mouth. Because I always said: ‘Fine, I forgive you,'” she explains to RTL.

The former couple came into the public eye earlier this year. Birofio spoke while participating in “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” in January 2023 again and again about his “pearl”.