Chris Evans (41) promises guest appearances by Marvel stars in his new film “Ghosted”. This was announced by the former Captain America actor in an interview on the TV show “Good Morning America”. “There are some cameos, that’s right. Can we reveal that?” the actor said. He gave the answer himself: “I guess we can.”

“We had some old Marvel buddies with us,” Evans said. Apparently he talked his colleagues into the job himself. Because he confessed that he hated asking anyone for cameos: “That’s the worst.” After all, the mini appearance had to fit into their schedule.

But apparently Evans was successful. “These people rose to the challenge and were there for me – it was great,” he said. However, he did not reveal which stars from the Marvel Universe are involved.

“Ghosted” starts on April 21, 2023 on the Apple TV streaming service. Chris Evans plays an unlucky normal guy who falls in love with a mysterious woman. When she turns out to be a secret agent, he is already in the middle of an adventure.

The woman at his side embodies Ana de Armas (34). The Cuban stepped in when a colleague canceled. Because Scarlett Johansson (38) was originally supposed to play the role. But the reunion of the two Marvel stars never happened. The Black Widow actress quit due to scheduling issues.