To get a wedding off the ground, future spouses often begin planning more than a year before the big day. Simply finding a restaurant that meets the space and price expectations is extremely difficult for many people. If you want to get married in May or August, you can actually start looking straight after the first date.

You can now save money on your wardrobe. The British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s offers offers for the small budget with its fashion label Tu. If you don’t want to spend more than 1,000 euros on a dress that will be worn in exactly one day, you can find a bargain for 22 British pounds, around 25 euros, at the third largest online clothing retailer in the United Kingdom. Another model is available for 50 pounds, just under 60 euros, and the repertoire is set to expand even further.

The groom can also replace the fine tuxedo with a cheap version, costing just under 135 euros for a black suit with a herringbone pattern and matching vest. A festive pastel-colored tie with a paisley pattern in light blue is currently on offer and currently only costs 2.88 euros instead of 5.75 euros. Animal rights activists may be pleased that their festive shimmer is not based on the work of a silk moth; the product is made of polyester. Black leather shoes are also available.

If the numbers don’t lie, five wedding dresses of the more expensive version have already been ordered in the past 48 hours and 22 of the cheaper model are already in the shopping baskets of interested people. Of course, it takes a bit of courage to slip into a wedding dress made of 100 percent polyester on such an exciting day, because that’s what both are made of. The groom’s suits also contain high levels of the plastic that makes you sweat so quickly. It is therefore well advised to use antiperspirant before going to the altar.