No question: the male models are the previous winners of the current “Germany’s Next Top Model” season. But after Heidi Klum (50) sent all the boys one round in a row, this time there was a big surprise for one of the favorites. The first thing on the agenda was a supposed conversation training session with Heidi, which turned out to be a chance for an attractive advertising job. The following Sedcard shooting brought a few surprises – both positive and negative. And while Heidi’s travel group jetted on to L.A. via Frankfurt, two models were on the plane home.

What a nice change: Heidi Klum invited all the models to the catwalk for relaxed casting training – without any pressure. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Product managers from a large advertising client were playing mice nearby. The supposedly irrelevant conversations between Heidi and the candidates turned into real applications. As a “customer,” Heidi gave tips on what was important in the casting conversation and what it was better to keep quiet about. Interesting here: The two twins Julian and Luca (both 24) still have a hard time conveying their independence in a credible way.

When the real product managers identified themselves, some of the models had surprise written all over their faces: ‘What did I just say?’ The casting performances of Kadidja (21) and the experienced Aldin (22) were particularly convincing. The beautician from Vienna and the Munich architecture student landed the big advertising deal and completed the shoot of a large advertising campaign for a caffè latte product with flying colors.

The comp card shooting is one of the most important shootings of every season. After all, the Sedcard is both a model “ID card” and an entry ticket for possible jobs. But while favorites like Armin (27), Frieder (24) and Stella (34) mastered their shoots in no time, others started to feel nervous. The skillful posing was particularly difficult for one of the previous top favorites: Max (20), who had been praised for his sovereignty round after round, had his head somewhere else entirely. The thoughts of his sick father visibly paralyzed him. Twin Luca (24) also threatened to stumble. Star photographer Christian Anwander (39) wanted to encourage him with a shooting battle with twin brother Julian. But even that only helped to a limited extent.

In the end, in addition to Luca, Alexandra (21), Mare (22), Nuri (22), Max, Grace (24) and Dominik (28) also had to tremble. Christian Anwander rated Nuri’s shooting result as “totally boring”. For roofer Alexandra from Erfurt, her inexperience in front of the camera was clearly noticeable. For them, the path to “GNTM 2024” was just as over as it was for top favorite Max. However, the Berliner by choice with plenty of catwalk experience was hopeful that he would be able to successfully continue his modeling career after “GNTM”. In the next episode, the remaining models will make a casting stop in Frankfurt am Main before traveling to L.A. with Heidi Air.