The 18th season of “Germany’s next top model” is coming to an end. At the end of the final show, which will be broadcast live on ProSieben on June 15 from 8:15 p.m., Heidi Klum (50) will reveal which candidate made it onto the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar” and thus “Germany’s next top model” 2023 is. The winner will also be the face of the new Mac Cosmetics campaign. These are the finalists.

Selma (19), high school graduate from Berlin, not only developed as a model at “GNTM”, but also went through a visual change. During the big makeover, the once-brunette candidate was given a pink short haircut. The new look earned her three season jobs (Yeauty, Emmi Caffè Latte, Peek

She approaches every challenge with a certain nonchalance and “doesn’t stress so much,” says the model with around 78,000 Instagram followers and explains self-confidently: “In the last few months, with my positive and natural charisma, I’ve not only been able to love Heidi, but I also convinced the customers and thus won three big jobs for me. That shows that I have the potential to work as a model. And with my new look from Heidi, of course, I stand out among the models.” Klum himself appreciates Selma’s “million-dollar smile” and her “unique gait.”

Nicole (49) from Offenbach am Main, around 33,000 followers on Instagram, modeled at a young age and even lived with Klum in a model flat share. The best ager, who got a runway job at Kilian Kerner’s show at Berlin Fashion Week in the season, wants to take the victory home with her, “because it’s time for women over 40 to become much more visible in our society!”, Explains them in the ProSieben interview.

And how could Nicole score with “GNTM” so far? “I am characterized by my elegance. And through my life experience, also my personality.” Klum can only agree: “She always presents herself positively, has a certain class and elegance, all in her very natural way.”

For Klum, Vivien (23, retail clerk trainee from Koblenz) brings important qualities with her: self-confidence, changeability, elegance, discipline and fun with modeling. With a possible victory in the season, the half-Brazilian wants to show “that the fashion industry is changing and that women who believe in themselves and don’t let anything or anyone get them down can do anything!” Says the curvy model in the ProSieben interview .

She is determined and has gained a lot of self-confidence. “I radiate how comfortable I feel in my own skin,” explains Vivien, who has around 23,000 Instagram subscribers.

Somajia (21) comes from Bielefeld and is a retail clerk. With “GNTM” she wants to “change my own life and that of my family and give us a better life,” she says in an interview with the broadcaster. She distinguishes herself “that I’m Somajia aka Black Pearl and I just don’t let myself be bent and always remain myself. I’ve never pretended.”

And how would the model with around 12,000 Instagram followers deal with a “GNTM” victory? “I think I would pick up Heidi, scream and cry with joy. It would be the best day of my life.” For Klum, Somajia is “bubbling with energy and joy.” She is wholeheartedly involved and it’s always fun to watch her.

Olivia (22), business administration student from Hamburg, wants to become “Germany’s next top model” “because it would be a start into a new life for me and my family,” she explains to ProSieben. She is “super ambitious and constantly working to be a better version of myself”.

It was well received by the customers of “Néonail”, Olivia is the face of the beauty brand’s campaign. Heidi Klum loves the direct nature of the candidate with around 6,000 Instagram followers. “Not only when she talks, also on the catwalk. She exudes strength and gives us the most beautiful smile.”