We have arrived at the highlight of every “GNTM” season (Thursday, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben): The makeover episode! As every year, there are models who are looking forward to the type change, others for whom it is their biggest nightmare and those who are still surprised by it in season 18.

Anya (19) belongs to the first group: “I finally want to get rid of this disgusting boring hair!” The tide turns when her hair evolves into a pixie cut. “I think I just changed my mind,” Anya said through tears. The lone fighter is so shocked that she even lets herself be hugged. Her worst fears are confirmed when she looks in the mirror: “I look like a boy, I think it sucks.” Her “men’s haircut” is also laughed at in the villa. Above all, older viewers are wondering if nobody remembers the cult hairstyles of Winona Ryder (51) or Edie Sedgwick (1943-1971)?

But there is another way: Somajia (21) is extremely afraid that her Afro hair will be adapted to the white ideal of beauty: “All black girls out there who are being bullied should go out and say I love my hair the way it is !” Her concern is unfounded: A hair artist who has already worked on Beyoncé (41) or Nicki Minaj (40) braids her up to her bottom and gives her a significant boost in self-confidence.

Things get particularly exciting with Selma (18). If you don’t know who that is: That should have happened to everyone until this episode. With her medium-length brown hair, contrary to her character, she was “0815 incarnate”. But that’s over now. After hours of cutting, bleaching and coloring, a new Selma stands in front of the mirror, who would never have recognized herself with her pink, short bangs: “I look like a different person!” You could say that Selma looks like a younger version of Margot Robbie (32) and is much more present than ever.

It gets even more emotional with Emo-Sarah (20). For them, the world is collapsing before any scissors are in sight. She can’t get over herself, cries and sobs bitterly and can’t get through – she’d rather give up her dream of “GNTM”. When she made her decision, she was visibly relieved: “Everyone who registers here knows that the makeover is coming. And I was also a person who always said, ‘You know where you register ‘But there’s a difference when you’re in the situation yourself.”

Heidi Klum (49) quickly takes Sarah’s free chair and also treats herself to a small makeover. Almost 20 centimeters are allowed down, plus a fresh bleaching and straightening iron. “A little solidarity with us!” says Cassy happily.

After all the drama, things continue dramatically in the villa: Elsa (18) and Lara (18) gossip about Anya’s new “boy’s hairstyle” – while Anya is sitting next to them. When she then tells the camera that Elsa is fake, Elsa freaks out: “Did I mention your name in front of the camera? So you don’t have to open your mouth and say that I’m fake! […] You you’re an actress!” Elsa can’t contain herself anymore, throws insults around and doesn’t let Anya get a chance to speak at all. Somehow, the whole group then turns against Anya. She retreats to her room alone and cries: “Everyone is always against me and that just hurts.”

The next day we get to work again: the decision-making walk starts in a hairdresser’s chair, matching the makeover sequence. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (41) is a catwalk coach and guest judge. The instruction: The models should sit in a hairdresser’s chair and read the newspaper until the spotlight shines on them, then throw away the newspaper, get up, go onto the catwalk, loosen their cape and hair, walk, exit.

The total overwhelm for the model candidates, the total chaos breaks out during the performance. Katherine (20) forgets to leave the catwalk, Elsa throws away her newspaper too soon and then sits in her seat, embarrassed and open-mouthed. Jülide (23) is so confused by the lights that she simply follows Vivien (22) onto the catwalk. In a group, the models do not wait at all for their assignment. “So … you all just do what you want here,” said Klum, shaking his head at the “worst case scenario”.

Because there was so much confusion and confusion, Heidi is even postponing her decision. Instead, she determines a group of wobbly candidates who have to prove themselves at the next shoot. One goes anyway: Tracy (25) leaves the show because of the drama in the villa and the lack of privacy.