Dieter Bohlen (70), Beatrice Egli (35), Loredana (28) and Pietro Lombardi (31) have taken their places. RTL announced the start of filming for the 21st season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” on Thursday (April 25). 15 new episodes including a live finale will be shown on RTL and on RTL from autumn 2024. The casting show should get a new coat of paint with a few changes.

The jury will hold the castings for the first time in Europa-Park in Rust. “At ‘DSDS’ we are always looking for unique locations for our jury castings,” explains Bohlen about the choice of filming location and promises the “most varied casting ever.” He just hopes that the candidates “don’t go on a roller coaster ride before their appearance – that could end badly for us as a jury.” At least a new regulation could provide variety: there is no longer an age limit on the casting show and all candidates aged 16 and over can demonstrate their talent.

For pop singer Beatrice Egli, the 21st season means a return to her roots. “My journey began here over ten years ago. So it was a very special moment for me when I sat down at the jury’s desk for the first time today,” says the 2013 “DSDS” winner. Rapper Loredana also raves about it their first jury assignment: “You can tell that everyone is really excited about the new ‘DSDS’ season. We are a cool team on the jury and complement each other perfectly.” Pietro Lombardi is looking forward to “a very special season. Finally there is no longer an age limit. There were already some older candidates there today who really gave it their all and delivered really well.”

The “Germany is looking for the superstar” logo has received a “visual refresh” for 2024. The station has recently dispensed with the familiar oval and frame of the logo, which now more closely resembles the original from “American Idol”. In doing so, RTL wants to give itself “freedom in the design of future marketing measures”.

The opening music, which is now more beat-heavy, has also been worked on and should help freshen it up. This was changed for the first time since the beginning of “DSDS” in 2002. “The new designs show how we can achieve a redesign without appearing strange or too stylish,” explains Klaus Schwab, Corporate Design Lead at RTL, in a statement. “This is how we want to do justice to our long-time viewers.”