“Full House” star John Stamos (60) celebrated his 60th birthday just a few days ago. Now the actor presented his more than 3.8 million fans and followers on Instagram with a very private snapshot. Stamos shows himself naked under an outdoor shower in his new post. Playfully amazed, he turns to the camera in the shot, while sunlight falls into the picturesque shower cubicle from above.

“The other side of 60,” the star writes on his Instagram post, which has already had over 100,000 likes within a day. According to the post text, Stamos’ wife Caitlin McHugh (37) shot the intimate picture.

The former “Full House” star celebrated his milestone birthday on August 19. At the time, he shared a sweet video of his son Billy and himself on Instagram. “Do you know how happy I am that I’m turning 60 today and have such a wonderful son like you?” he says to the little one, adding in the post text: “I’m exactly where I was when I was 60 belong. Thank you all for the birthday greetings and love.”

Wife Caitlin McHugh also congratulated her husband on the social network with a breathtaking shot in front of a romantic sunset. “Can you believe that this man is 60?!” Asks the 37-year-old rhetorically in her accompanying text. According to McHugh, her husband merely reflects his actual age with “his wisdom and extensive list of life achievements.”

Stamos and McHugh met on the set of the crime series Law