Filming for a new series on the fringes of the “Good Times, Bad Times” cosmos started in Berlin on Wednesday (May 22nd). As RTL has announced, 26 episodes of the new children’s and youth series “Uferpark – Good Times, Wild Times” are currently being filmed in the German capital. The plot surrounding the teenagers Amina, Yunis, Lea, Pepe, Milo and Ben takes place in an old skate park, which is not far from the “GZSZ” Kollekiez.

Young up-and-coming talents were cast for the series “Uferpark” who not only impress with their acting, but also with skills such as rapping, singing and skateboarding. According to RTL, the episodes will revolve around the topics of first love, sport and music. The TV series will be broadcast from autumn on TOGGO and RTL.

Tanaz Molaei plays Amina, who hides her singing voice from her best friends. She is initially attracted to Yunis (played by Victor Bass), but then develops feelings for Ben (played by Salimou Thiam). Lea (played by Maja Merkord), on the other hand, doubts her career as a professional skater, while Pepe (played by Konrad Neidhardt) dreams of a professional future as a manager and Milo (played by Jesse Beyerling) secretly longs for his breakthrough as a rapper.