“Actually… love” can already be said? “The Little Lord” was found too cheesy? Or just annoyed to have to explain why “Die Hard” is definitely a Christmas movie? Then the coming days could remedy the situation: A whole series of new films and a series are preparing to be the next big Christmas classics, which should not be missing from any convivial TV evening with family and Christmas tree. Lindsay Lohan (36) has already started. But Freddie Prinze Jr. (46), Tim Allen (69), Ryan Reynolds (46) and Amy Adams (48) are also making their claims these days.

In addition to new music, Lindsay Lohan is also aiming for her big comeback as an actress. It’s called “Falling for Christmas” and has been available on the Netflix streaming service for a few days. In the holiday comedy, Lohan plays a spoiled heiress who is diagnosed with amnesia after a skiing accident and has to rebuild her life.

The “Santa Clause” series with Tim Allen has already made it into a film trilogy at Disney. From November 16, there will be the return of family man Scott Calvin (Allen) as a backup Santa in series format at Disney. The premise: “After almost three decades of being Santa Claus, he is as happy as ever. But because Christmas is becoming less and less popular, his Christmas magic is disappearing. Scott has problems doing the job and being there for his family at the same time.”

There was a time when a certain Freddie Prinze Jr. had a lease on the male lead in a romantic comedy. It has been quiet about the mother-in-law’s favorite for a long time, but on November 17th he will be back with the Netflix Christmas film “Christmas for you”. Angelina (Aimee Garcia, 43) plays a world-famous pop star who grants a young superfan a Christmas wish and unexpectedly visits the girl and her single father (Prinze Jr.). Does the star find love away from the limelight?

From November 18, Apple TV will be singing weird and possibly also weird, because: The in-house production “Spirited” lets Will Ferrell (55) and Ryan Reynolds loose on each other in a musical that tells the famous “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens (1812 -1870) retold. With a look at the joker duo in the two main roles, it seems clear what the audience can expect: in addition to singing, there is also a lot of slapstick. This prognosis is reinforced by the director’s choice. “Spirited” comes from filmmaker Sean Anders (53), who has made films like “The Chaos Dad”, both parts of “Daddy’s Home” and most recently “Suddenly Family”.

It will also be fairytale and musical at Disney from November 18 in “Enchanted Again”, the sequel to the film “Enchanted” from 2007. More than ten years after her marriage to Robert (Patrick Dempsey, 56), Princess Giselle (Amy Adams ) jeopardizes their happiness, unintentionally wreaking havoc in the lives of people in the real world. Once again, the lines between animated fantasy and live-action blur in “The Cursed Again” – with the same magic as 15 years ago?

And Disney again: With “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” Christmas will be transported to the Marvel Universe from November 25th. The Guardians want to please their only native Earthling Peter Quill (Chris Pratt, 43) by giving him an unforgettable Christmas. The appropriate gift for this is to be found on earth.

In the cinema, things are more violent than contemplative: “Violent Night” will be released on December 1st, a film in which “Stranger Things” star David Harbor (47) has to put bad guys in the sack. “Santa Claus (Harbour) actually just wants to bring the presents, but when he stumbles upon a group of mercenaries who have taken hostages at a property, that’s it for Silent Night.” Sounds like “Bad Santa” meets “Die Hard” – Yippie-ya-yay, reindeer cheek!