The bulls will return to Huesca through San Lorenzo after two years of an absence forced by the pandemic, with a fair made up of four bullfights, one of rejones and a novillada without bullfighters that announce the top figures along with news from the ranks. From Morante de la Puebla to Roca Rey, passing through El Juli, Urdiales, Perera and Ginés Marín, together with Tomás Rufo, the Aragonese Jorge Isiegas or El Cordobés, in the season of his reappearance.

The Basil Fair, organized by Tauroemoción, also has an exciting chapter for Huesca fans. It will be the novillada without bullfighters that will open the cycle on August 7 where a poster made up of three bullfighters from Huesca, trained at the Huesca Bullfighting School, is announced for the first time.

The combinations are the following:

-Sunday, August 7, steers of Elíseo Moran Gómez, for Porta Miravé, Jorge Mallén and Ignacio Boné.

-Wednesday, August 10, bulls by Antonio Bañuelos, for Antonio Ferrera, Joselito Adame and Jorge Isiegas.

-Thursday, August 11, bulls of Castillejo de Huebra, for El Cordobe, Morante de la Puebla and Diego Urdiales.

-Friday, August 12, bulls from El Torero, for El Juli, Miguel Ángel Perera and Tomás Rufo.

-Saturday, August 13, bulls from El Pilar, for Cayetano, Roca Rey and Ginés Marín.

-Sunday, August 14, bulls from Campos Peña, for Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura and Leonardo.

The fair is complemented by a program of popular festivities, ranging from heifer mornings to the bull trimmer contest or the traditional calf for the clubs.

“A strong fair that is necessary after the two-year hiatus, with posters as innovative as the return of El Cordobés to a bullring where he was an idol ahead of two bullfighters as different as Morante and Urdiales”, in the words of businessman Alberto