Elton’s abrupt departure as presenter of the ProSieben show “Schlag den Star” is causing a stir in the TV scene. Numerous well-known TV faces expressed their solidarity with the popular colleague on social media. “You definitely don’t deserve to be treated like this after 23 years of working together,” wrote presenter Kai Pflaume, referring to Elton’s long history at ProSieben.

On Wednesday, the station surprisingly announced that Elton would hand over the moderation of the competition show to Matthias Opdenhövel after eight years. Opdenhövel takes over on June 1st, Elton does not receive a farewell performance. While ProSieben broadcaster Hannes Hiller explained that one couldn’t wish for a better handover of the baton, Elton had a completely different view of things.

In an Instagram statement, he expressed great disappointment and incomprehension about the decision. “Let me be clear: I am not giving up this wonderful show voluntarily,” Elton wrote. He only found out about his departure at short notice and suspects that this is related to parallel engagements with the rival broadcaster RTL. “The station manager at Pro7 didn’t think it was necessary to call me and ask what was going on or to find a solution,” writes Elton. “I’m really speechless, angry but above all extremely sad. I’m not even granted a farewell show after 23 years of Pro 7. Without words!!! I’m going to pour myself a few beers now. Let’s see who dares to comment.”

Some people dared. In addition to Kai Pflaume, presenter Sonya Kraus, among others, also expressed her solidarity: “My darling! They’re all crazy! The show without you? I’m definitely not coming now. Love you,” wrote Kraus. Actor Armin Rohde explained: “Without you I won’t watch the show anymore. This is YOUR format.” Jens “Knossi” Knossala and Lilly Becker also gave warm words. Sylvie Meis sent a heart without further comment.

Some TV colleagues are particularly struck by the way in which Elton was dumped. Moderator Nina Moghaddam wrote: “I always ask myself why it is so difficult to deal with people in a transparent, open, honest and, above all, appreciative way. I’m sorry, dear Elton, that it turned out so ‘lovelessly’. Big hug and cheers.” Dog whisperer Martin Rütter commented: “Why do so many decision-makers find it so difficult to communicate clearly? Cheer up…” And Sophia Thomalla writes: “It’s absolutely not possible.”

Elton once became known as Stefan Raab’s sidekick on his legendary show “TV Total”, where Raab introduced him as a “show intern”. He appeared on the show from 2001 to 2015 and was also present at practically all major Raab events. He has moderated the show “Schlag den Star”, also developed by Raab, since 2016.

Now Opdenhövel, who hosted the show “Schlag den Raab” from 2006 to 2011 and “Schlag den Star” in 2010, is taking over. “It’s an honor and a homecoming at the same time,” explained Opdenhövel. “I can’t wait to be back in my old living room after 13 years and I’m looking forward to all the celebrity pairings and crazy games.”

Transparency note: The star is part of RTL Deutschland