Even if we don’t always want to admit it, when we play, for many of us it’s all about one thing – in addition to having fun: victory. People who already have a reputation for being know-it-alls or smartasses thrive on quizzes. However, this does not necessarily mean that reserved people are less keen on first place. If you want to put your general knowledge to the test, the following games are recommended.

How many times have you watched “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” on TV and thought: I know (better)!? Then you now have the opportunity to put your general knowledge to the test. The 20th anniversary quiz game of the same name contains 752 real questions of varying difficulty from the show. Can you crack the million dollar question? Here you get the game.

This game by Marc-Uwe Kling, the bestselling author of “The Kangaroo Chronicles”, is about teamwork: Up to six players have to work together to reach the goal. The aim is to correctly answer 24 questions of different difficulty in a short time in order to win Quiztopia. It can be explained and discussed, pantomimes are allowed as well as one-word tips and noises. Here you get the game.

As the name suggests, this quiz game is primarily aimed at people who think they always know everything better – and are happy to prove it. In this edition you now have the opportunity to compete with other players. But be careful: the game does not contain any ordinary quiz questions about general knowledge, but rather curious, funny and surprising questions. Here you get the game.

This quiz game was also based on a popular TV show with Kai Pflaume, Bernhard Ho√ęcker and Elton: “Who knows for something” is a knowledge show in which questions are asked about topics whose answers (actually) nobody knows. In the board game of the same name, you can try to prove for 700 questions that you might end up knowing better than your fellow players. Here you get the game.

True to the motto “Intelligence is relative”, the classic “Stadt-Land-Fluss” has received an upgrade: this quiz game contains a total of 200 different categories and does not require a pad or pen. Instead, a topic is always given, to which the players have to react at lightning speed by coming up with suitable terms that start with the same letter as on their cards. Here you get the game.

When technical innovation meets a board game, you need the free language assistant from Google – this is the only way to answer the more than 1,500 current and varied questions online and offline. The special thing about the quiz game is that you don’t have to read the user manual, instead the Google Assistant explains the rules to you. Guess with Google. Here you get the game.

This quiz is an old classic that has encouraged many people to play for decades: The 2,400 questions in this family edition are assigned to six different categories: sport and fun, history, art and literature, geography, entertainment and science and technology. And so that everyone can play along, there are tickets for younger and older participants. Here you get the game.

This issue is less about quizzes and more about your skill: Solve tricky tasks within a short period of time to reach the goal and win the game “Escape Room” – the clock is ticking. The Chrono Decoder, the heart of the operation, knows all the possible solutions and will play you out mercilessly while you’re under time pressure looking for answers and the right code for the next tasks. Here you get the game.

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