The actor Fritz Wepper is dead. As the “Bild” newspaper reported, he died on Monday morning at 9:45 a.m. in the hospice at the age of 82. His wife Susanne Kellermann (49) confirmed this to the paper: “Fritz fell asleep peacefully.”

After severe sepsis, the former “Derrick” star was in a hospice in Upper Bavaria. Nevertheless, just a few days ago his wife emphasized in the magazine “Bunte” that “Fritz is not dying. That could be the case any day, but at the moment we don’t fear it and hope for even more time together. And when the time comes , then I hope I can be with him.” Now things went faster than hoped.

Fritz Wepper also suffered particularly from the death of his brother last year. “It affected him so much that his immune system collapsed.” Actor Elmar Wepper (1944-2023) died at the end of October 2023 at the age of 79.

Fritz Wepper has a twelve-year-old daughter Filippa with Susanne Kellermann. She is said to have visited him regularly before his death. “She is handling the whole situation incredibly well. Certainly the best of all of us,” Kellermann told “Bild”. “Filippa sometimes lies down on the bed with Fritz. She is very caring, cheers him up, tells him a lot and decorates his room with pictures.”

Fritz Wepper has been known as an actor since the 1950s. He celebrated great successes with the series “Derrick”, “For Heaven’s Sake” and the crime series “Murder in the Best Company”, among others.