There are now a large number of children’s series that deal with mermaids: In addition to Disney’s own production “Arielle, the little mermaid” there are formats such as “H2O – Suddenly Mermaid” or “Mako – Simply Mermaid”. So it’s hardly surprising why so many children dream of being like their role models. It is primarily about the flippers with which mermaids (by the way: Arielle also has mermaids) glide through the water. Due to the high demand, the swimwear industry has responded to the hype and created special mermaid tails for children (and adults). What this is exactly and what parents should know before buying is summarized in this article.

How could it be otherwise: The so-called “Mermaiding”, a diving and swimming sport that has become quite popular in the meantime, was invented in the USA – the land of unlimited possibilities. To glide through the water like a real mermaid (or merman), you need a monofin made of latex or rubber, silicone or neoprene: unlike ordinary scuba fins, which you need one for each foot, there are monofins these from only one element. This makes it almost impossible to walk with a mermaid tail. But you can imitate the typical swimming movements in the water perfectly. To round off the overall picture and look like a real mermaid, the monofins are wrapped in flexible bathing fabric. In combination with a bikini top, which is already included in many sets, your child looks like a real mermaid.

Safety Note: Your child should be able to swim safely if they want to wear a mermaid tail. After putting it on, “normal” movements in the water are not possible, so arm work and body tension are particularly important. This can quickly become a problem for unsure swimmers.

There is now a large selection of mermaid fins for children, which – depending on the manufacturer – differ in terms of size and colour, material and design. To find the right model for your offspring, the following tips can help:

And another tip: there are also special monofins without a mermaid design that can be used to imitate the typical swimming movements in the water.

Since not only the age but also the height of children plays an important role when buying a mermaid fin, the following table should serve as a small guide:


age of the child

recommended fin size

1,10 m – 1,20 m

4 to 6 years

max. 69 centimeters

1,20 m – 1,30 m

6 to 8 years

max. 74 centimeters

1,30 m -1,40 m

8 to 10 years

max. 79 centimeters

Another tip for dressing: sit your child down first to prevent the fin blades from buckling. The mermaid tail can then be pulled up like pantyhose until it fits properly. To be on the safe side, you should check whether your child’s feet are firmly and securely stuck in the artificial tail fin.

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