Autumn is here and with it traditionally a popular reality TV format: couples are once again putting their relationship to the test on “Temptation Island VIP”. Who emerges from the loyalty test unscathed in season four and whose relationship ends with their departure from the show? The VIP version of the reality format will be available on RTL from October 3rd. For these prominent predecessors, the show became the reason for their separation.

Calvin Kleinen, who has now established himself as a reality star, did not resist the temptation in the second season of the regular version of “Temptation Island” in 2020. He cheated on his girlfriend at the time, Pia, with whom he had entered the format together. This gave him a reputation as a womanizer without taboos. During his first participation in the format, he met Roxy Zinger, who had taken part as one of the seductresses. A little later they took part in “Temptation Island VIP” together.

Although Kleinen had previously promised improvement, he once again let things rip in the VIP version. But Zinger also didn’t stay faithful to her partner during the show and fell in love with stripper Jay. Unsurprisingly, Kleinen and Zinger decided in the show’s finale that they could no longer be a couple. But Roxy Zinger and Jay’s relationship also failed. Since then, Calvin Kleinen has been happily romping around in numerous reality formats, including appearing on “Are You The One? – Realitystars in Love”.

Things were even more dramatic in the second season of “Temptation Island VIP”. For “Love Island” womanizer Henrik Stoltenberg (27) and “Köln 50667” actress Paulina Ljubas, the story of Kleinen and Zinger seemed to repeat itself. Stoltenberg also promised to have given up his womanizing life and to be faithful. But after a few alcoholic drinks, he regularly seemed to forget that promise. The situation escalated after he disappeared behind a bush during a night of partying with one of the seductresses.

Meanwhile, the video sequences of her unfaithful boyfriend drove Ljubas into the arms of another. The next love story was brewing between her and seducer Dominik Brcic. But before the end of the show, Henrik Stoltenberg could no longer withstand the pressure and canceled his participation prematurely. So Ljuba also had to leave “Temptation Island VIP” and her potential love partner. There was a tearful and explosive exchange between her and Stoltenberg in front of the camera. Although the couple decided to give their relationship another chance, they announced their separation on the show’s reunion show.

Compared to the first celebrity season, two relationships failed in the second. Reality stars Emmy Russ and Udo Bönstrup also couldn’t withstand the relationship test. The two met on “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2020 and later allegedly fell in love. When their relationship was announced, many fans smelled a PR stunt. It was therefore hardly a surprise to the audience that neither of the two took their loyalty seriously. Russ showered with seducer Diogo Sangre and later slept with him. Bönstrup also became close to the women in the villa. The two separated at the end of the show.

The third season of “Temptation Island VIP” was even more challenging. Three couples did not withstand the relationship experiment. TV womanizers Gigi Birofio and Michelle Daniaux were for a long time one of the most famous on-off couples on reality TV. At “Temptation Island VIP” they finally put an end to their relationship. Daniaux took her party-loving partner’s behavior too far and declared the end of the relationship: “I need a man by my side and not a child.”

“For me, we are no longer together,” explained reality TV face Tommy Pedroni at the crucial campfire, thus ending his relationship with Sandra Sicora. In Pedroni’s eyes, his partner was getting too close to the seducer Flocke. For Sicora, however, the relationship with her temporary roommate was purely friendly. She was all the more surprised when she finally met her actual partner, who saw the relationship as unsalvageable.

Christina Dimitriou had to cope with probably the bitterest disappointment of the season. After she and her then-boyfriend Salvatore went their separate ways after the first regular season of “Temptation Island,” the VIP edition also brought her a big romantic drama. Her partner Aleks Petrovic proclaimed grandly before moving into the villa: “I want to show her how Temptation Island works properly.” He took this statement too literally, fell in love with seducer Vanessa and entered into a relationship with her while still on the show. The two can currently be seen together in RTL’s “Sommerhaus der Stars”.