Summer has been a long time coming: With rising temperatures, many outdoor pools and lakes are reaching their limits. And the beaches around the North and Baltic Seas are also completely overloaded due to the enormous influx of visitors on hot days. Anyone who has a private pool in front of their nose can count themselves lucky. Be it on vacation at the hotel, in the garden or on the terrace at home. To increase the fun factor in the cool water, all you need is the right pool toy. Below we present ten water gadgets (for young and old) that are practical and creative at the same time.

They are an absolute trend symbol of summer: flamingos have been very popular for years. Printed on clothing, sewn onto bags and embroidered onto shoes, the pink animals can be seen everywhere – even as pool toys in the form of an inflated mount that carries children and adults alike across the water. Here you get the flamingo.

Beach volleyball is a popular game in summer, but digging and smashing in the sand is a strenuous sport. Why not put the whole thing in the water? With this inflatable water game including volleyball net and water polo, you can play your next match in the pool with your friends or family members. You can get the set here.

When children learn to swim, diving plays an important role. To make them more confident and pass the seahorse, diving exercises are on the program. There are special pool toys for this that sink to the bottom and therefore have to be picked up from the bottom. This set contains 18 different elements. Here you get the toy.

In contrast to a normal air mattress, this water hammock has a mesh base so that your back comes into contact with the cool water when lying down. The advantage is obvious: while you bask in the sun, you get the cooling you need from below. The separately inflatable head section provides even more comfort. Here you get the hammock.

Even the littlest water lovers can enjoy the pool fun without drowning: with an inflatable swimming ring for toddlers from six months (up to 36 months) the bathing fun can begin. The additional sun protection means your baby is protected from the sun’s rays and can splash around in the water safely. Here you can get the swimming ring.

This pool toy also invites young and old to splash around. The floating basketball and ring toss game comes with an inflatable basketball and three inflatable rings, so you can choose between two different types of games depending on your mood. According to the manufacturer, the set is suitable for children aged three and over. You can get the set here.

These lightweight foam water guns are also perfect for the pool. The 14-inch-long toy cannons simply need to be placed in the water and pulled on the handle to charge them. If the handle is pushed forward, the fun spraying fun begins. The set includes six water pistols. This is where you get the water guns.

This inflatable swimming bed is ideal for simply floating in the sun on the water. Made of eco-friendly PVC, the 4-in-1 lounge chair can be used as a hammock, deck chair, drifter and sports saddle in the pool thanks to its flexible shape. The maximum load is 200 kilograms of body weight. Here you get the swimming bed.

Thirsty in the pool and no drink at hand? There is a practical solution for this too: With an inflatable cup holder (available in nine different designs) made of environmentally friendly PVC, you can easily take your cup into the water with you. The only downside is that the cup holders don’t support heavy glass bottles or cans. Here you get the cup holders.

Made of odorless and environmentally friendly TPR materials, this pool toy is suitable for all water games. The bouncing ball has a diameter of 5.5 centimeters and weighs less than 100 grams. The special thing about the gadget is its springy properties, so you can catch and throw the ball better in the water. Here you get ball.

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