First Lady Jill Biden (72) tested positive for the corona virus on Monday. The White House announced this. The previous test result from US President Joe Biden (80) was therefore negative. Jill Biden “currently has only mild symptoms,” her spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement. “She will remain at her home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,” Alexander added.

The First Lady, who according to US media reports had already received two booster vaccinations after her double corona vaccination, had already tested positive for the corona virus before her current infection. In August 2022 she had a corona infection with “cold-like symptoms”. Joe Biden, who has also been vaccinated against the virus at least four times, tested positive in July 2022 after returning from a trip abroad.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (49), Joe Biden also had himself tested for the corona virus after the First Lady tested positive. His result was negative. “He will test himself at regular intervals this week and watch for symptoms.”

The first lady accompanied her husband to Florida on Saturday, where the couple visited areas affected by Hurricane Idalia. They were shown around the site by Sen. Rick Scott, 70, and met with several first responders and local officials during the short visit. The couple then went to their home in Delaware. The President then returned to Washington alone and will be traveling soon: Joe Biden is due to come to the G20 meeting in India this week. He also wants to visit Vietnam.