“Barbie” star Margot Robbie (33) and the acting director Olivia Wilde (40) could tackle a joint project with “Avengelyne”. Together with producer Simon Kinberg (“Deadpool”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”) they want to bring the female comic character to the screen, as US trade publications reported.

According to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Wilde is set to direct, while Robbie is on board with her production company LuckyChap Entertainment. Nothing was initially known about who would be cast in the role. The “Avengelyne” comics were created in the mid-90s by “Deadpool” creator Rob Liefeld. The title heroine is a fighting angel who takes on demons and other evil forces.

Actress Wilde (“Her”, “Rush”) made her directorial debut in 2019 with the girls’ comedy “Booksmart”. She then brought Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in front of the camera for the science fiction thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” (2022). Australian-born Robbie, who last appeared on screen as “Barbie,” founded her production company with husband Tom Ackerley and producer Josey McNamara in 2014.

LuckyChap Entertainment produced “I, Tonya” as its first film in 2017. In it Robbie played figure skater Tonya Harding. The company has also been involved in the production of films such as “Promising Young Woman”, “Barbie” and “Saltburn”.