The German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender goes on a big revenge campaign in the new thriller by David Fincher. The premiere of “The Killer” at the Venice Film Festival had to do without the 46-year-old film star on Sunday evening due to the Hollywood strike. Fincher (“Fight Club”, “Sieben”) said in Venice that the strike made him “very sad”. “I can understand both sides. All we can do is encourage people to talk.”

The director said “The Killer” was filmed during the pandemic. He regretted that the members of the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA and the US screenwriters had to step down again.

“The Killer” tells of a contract killer who follows a strict philosophy of life, which he has to give up in the course of the film. “Trust no one” or “forbid yourself empathy” are among his principles. After he fails an assignment, he becomes the target of an attack himself. Then he goes on a revenge campaign – and suddenly has to improvise. As is often the case with Fincher’s productions, the protagonist tells his thoughts in a voice-over. “The Killer” is a straightforward thriller that relies entirely on the enigmatic performance of its protagonist.

It’s a Netflix production.