The film composer Hauschka brought his Oscar for “Nothing New in the West” to Germany in his hand luggage – wrapped in a jacket. “There is no packaging for the Oscar, you just get it,” said the musician from Düsseldorf to the “Rheinische Post”. The staff at the airports reacted very differently.

He said there beforehand. That wasn’t a problem in the US. “They said: Oh yes, that’s the third or fourth today. They were pretty casual in LA,” said Hauschka, whose real name is Volker Bertelmann.

But: “There was a huge theater in Frankfurt. We thought about it: How do we do it now? But then I showed it and they were like: Oh, we’ve never seen that before. And then we’re done the checks came.”

The musician, born in 1966, received the coveted film award last Sunday evening (local time) for his music for the anti-war film “Nothing New in the West”. This is based on the novel of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque and tells of the horror of the First World War.