Australian actress Cate Blanchett sees male dominance in some areas of the film industry. “It’s still like this: When I come to a film set, there are still not nearly enough women working behind the camera, on the stage, as carpenters, in technology,” said the 53-year-old on the ARD talk show “maischberger”. . The conversation between Blanchett and presenter Sandra Maischberger was pre-recorded and is scheduled to be broadcast in the evening.

The film sets are “still very male-dominated,” Blanchett said. “And that will change.” When she started in the film industry, there was only a limited possibility for women to have an influence in the industry, to be a producer or to be paid immediately. “But that has definitely changed.”

“Tár” is coming to the cinemas

Tomorrow Blanchett’s film “Tár” starts in German cinemas (directed by Todd Field). In it she plays a chief conductor who is the first woman to lead a world-famous Berlin orchestra and who is at the peak of her career. But she abuses her power and increasingly loses control of her life.

Blanchett has received numerous awards for this role, and she has also been nominated for an Oscar. But there are also critical voices. The American conductor Marin Alsop, for example, was bothered by the fact that a woman in a leading role was made the perpetrator. Blanchett said of “maischberger”: “The film is primarily about power. More than gender. If we had a man in the role, we would all know what this patriarchal power looks like. We have seen it in the classical music world, in most performing arts (…). With a woman at the center it’s still kind of a fairy tale. So we can look at the systemic abuse of power in a way that we wouldn’t have been able to do with a man in the role.”