It’s Wednesday again, but this week there is no new edition of the popular public investigation program “Aktenzeichen XY… Unsolved” (since 1967, ZDF) with presenter Rudi Cerne (65). However, fans don’t have to wait too long, because next week the wait will be over, the opening show for 2024 is coming up – and the makers have put together horrifying crimes again. The police are asking for help with these five so far unsolved cases in the live broadcast on February 17th from 8:15 p.m.:

In “Nightly Screams,” a widow who is sleeping in the living room is surprised by her murderer. The neighbors are woken up by the terrible screams, but no one suspects what a terrible crime lies behind it. “Young woman killed” is the name of an old case that tells of the brutal murder of a 28-year-old after she caught two burglars in her apartment caught in the act. Decades later, there are suddenly new traces of the perpetrators. “Two robberies – one perpetrator” is about a young man who robs two gas stations within an hour. He uses a small kitchen knife as a weapon.

The case “Traumatizing Working Day” deals with the brutal robbery of two women in a jewelry store – in front of numerous eyewitnesses. The film “Encounter with Consequences” shows the violent and momentous conflict between several young men in the early hours of the morning on a busy party mile in a big city.

The next edition is scheduled for February 14th. Here too, the broadcaster has already announced cases:

One headlines “Husband seriously injured.” It’s about an elderly couple who are held captive in their own villa for hours by extremely brutal robbers. The case “Fighting with Consequences” is also very dramatic. Because such a thing left a 51-year-old in need of nursing care for the rest of his life. Since then, the police have been looking for the brutal beating…

“Case number XY… Unsolved” will be available in the ZDF media library after the broadcast.