Good mood, lots of music, snacks, costumes and lots of fun: Carnival is a very special time, especially for children. But children’s carnivals also need to be well planned and need a lot of party accessories. We have tips for celebrating carnival with children.

Of course, if the party is taking place at school or daycare, you don’t need to worry about the preparation; you can skip this point. However, if you are planning a children’s carnival celebration at home, with friends or at a sports club, it requires a little preparation and decoration. On the one hand, you should have in mind how many children should be at the party and distribute invitation cards accordingly so that the little ones can prepare for the celebration and, if necessary, get a suitable costume for the theme party.

A theme is a good idea to conjure up an attractive decoration and give the children a direction for the costume. No matter whether it’s a pirate party, a celebration themed around the circus, animals, magic, Disney, Paw Patrol, Pokémon or something else: with a general theme you can prepare the games and party even better. But if you like it colorful, you can of course leave the motto out.

You should also have suitable rooms so that you can celebrate extensively. If there is not enough space at home, you should consider whether your friends have a suitable apartment or whether you can rent space. Of course, music is also essential for a good children’s carnival party. Appropriate music boxes should definitely be available – as well as a cheerful playlist with children’s songs that are based on the motto.

Once the motto and planning are in place for the children’s carnival, it’s time to get the decorations and party accessories. The following things should be included in the decoration to create the right carnival atmosphere:

A piñata can also be particularly great for children and an exciting highlight. It should also best match the chosen theme and is a gaming and decorative highlight at the children’s carnival party. At a pirate party, for example, you can combine it with a previous treasure hunt for which the little ones have to solve puzzles.

You can find more carnival games for children here.

There should also be enough bowls, children’s crockery and cutlery as well as sweets and different snacks (salty and sweet, vegetable sticks are also welcome): mini burgers, brownies with Smarties on them or even vegetable faces are delicious and also look good.

The costumes, like the decorations, should of course match the chosen theme. In the example of the pirate party, the pirate costume is of course a good choice.

But so that it doesn’t look so one-sided, you can also be more creative: mermaid costumes, sailors or even chefs also fit the pirate theme, and of course there are no limits to your imagination.

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