It’s not just the scent of cinnamon and pine needles that become the focus of Christmas anticipation, but also the annual question: What should I wear to my mother and relatives? Because we don’t want to let all the carefully wrapped gifts steal the show. Your personal holiday look deserves at least as much attention. The star shows why the outfit can also be bizarre.

Kittens fly through space on pizza slices, a dinosaur spits bright lightning behind a Christmas tree, two wolves stand behind each other with their eyes closed and their arms outstretched, just like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet once did in the film “Titanic”. What sounds like completely absurd images are actually motifs for Christmas sweaters. The bizarre trend is called the “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. If you want to put smiles on faces at the Christmas feast, you’re guaranteed to be well-positioned with a quirky sweater. It can also be easily worn with jeans, leggings and suit trousers

Christmas calls for traditional colors like red, green and gold. A classic outfit in these tones screams, “I’m a Christmas outfit.” However, if you’re looking for something a little different, experiment with bright color combinations or metallic accents. A classic Christmas outfit is the sequin dress. But trousers and tops with a sparkling look also go well with the Christmas flair.

Depending on the occasion – such as a chic company party – a festive dress can be the right choice. Choose a model that fits your figure and is comfortable at the same time. A knee-length cocktail dress or a floor-length evening dress with lined tights works well in winter temperatures. A dress made of velvet, silk and lace gives the look an elegant touch.

The right accessories can transform a simple outfit into a festive eye-catcher. Choose sparkling earrings, a statement necklace or a rhinestone-encrusted bracelet to elevate the look. A clutch works well as a handbag replacement and is not so bulky.

Choose shoes that not only look good but are also comfortable and suitable for possible dance sessions. Pumps, ankle boots or elegant flats complete a chic outfit. The color should match the rest of the outfit. And sneakers are also suitable for chic occasions in the right combination. The once frowned upon kicks have now become real all-rounders.

Men can choose between a classic suit or a shirt and trousers combination. Festive colors such as dark blue, fir green or burgundy red are particularly popular. A stylish tie or bow tie completes the look. Clothing should not be too tight and allow for enough freedom of movement, as we all know that there is a lot of feasting on the holidays.

Whether classic in red and green or modern with unconventional motifs (we remember: lightning-spitting dinosaur behind a Christmas tree) – there are many ways to steal the show from well-wrapped presents. With the right accessories, an appropriate choice of clothing and a spark of glamour, you will be the center of attention at any Christmas party.

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