In 2014, Felix Jaehn (29) achieved his big breakthrough with his remix “Cheerleader”. Since then, Jaehn has been an integral part of the international DJ scene. Now Jaehn has come out as non-binary, meaning he doesn’t feel like a man or a woman. Jaehn also revealed a new name.

In the YouTube show “Süß und hefty” with drag queens Jacky-Oh Weinhaus and Jurassica Parka, Jaehn said: “I prefer to use the name Fee at the moment because I went among non-binary people and want to have a gender-neutral name. ” The name Felix Jaehn will remain as an artist name. Anything else would be far too complicated, emphasized Jaehn. Jaehn also explained that he prefers the non-binary pronoun “dey/denen” in German – based on the English “they/them”.

This is Jaehn’s second coming out: in 2018, Jaehn announced that he was bisexual. In the YouTube format, Jaehn explained that he now prefers the term “pansexual”. Pansexuality refers to a sexual orientation in which people do not preselect based on gender or gender identity.