The days are shorter, the temperatures are lower – and our clothes are now warmer and thicker. One fashion trend in particular will accompany us until the end of the year: the short coat for women. We present trendy models and have styling tips ready.

Long coats and oversized models are still popular in winter 2022. But: This fashion trend is not necessarily suitable for smaller women. The short coat, on the other hand, is suitable for many sizes and body types: It ends around hip height or is a maximum of a hand’s width above the knee. This visually stretches it a bit. The great thing about the short coat: It can be styled elegantly and casually.

You should pay attention to the material: Fine wool is generally more suitable than plush textures, as these are usually bulky and can visually compress a little. A short wool coat always looks chic and is also quite easy to combine. But if you don’t want to avoid the short and trendy teddy coat, the best way to try to maintain the silhouette is to wear tight trousers and elegant ankle boots (optionally with heels).

If the short coat for women has a belt, the waist is emphasized. This in turn also visually stretches and is therefore a good choice for shorter women. It shapes the silhouette and looks elegant. Different looks go well with a short coat with a belt: whether a tights-dress combination with ankle boots or a sweater-jeans look with sneakers.

Leather coats are particularly trendy – including the shorter version. There is of course something cool about a leather short coat, but also elegant. It goes great with the jeans look to break up the “darkness” a little. Sneakers or cool boots go well with this. But a short coat made of (artificial) leather can also look good in an all-black look.

Other short coats are also great to wear in winter 2022: for example, lined shakes, quilted short coats or even a short wool coat with a cool checked pattern.

It’s more elegant if you choose a short blazer-style coat. This model looks great in combination with tights, boots or ankle boots and a skirt-sweater combination or dress. But a short blazer coat also works well as a slight style break from the cool sneaker-jeans look.

The teddy coat is still an integral part of fashion trends – but with its cozy look it is also the ideal companion for the cold days. The shorter version of the trendy coat looks particularly good in combination with tight trousers and (heeled) ankle boots.

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