When the days get colder again and we mostly make ourselves comfortable at home, we naturally need the right outfit. Homewear is more popular than ever. We reveal the fashion trends and explain how you can get through the cold days at home not only cuddly, but also fashionably.

Designers have been showing looks reminiscent of pajamas on the catwalk for some time now. And this mixture of homewear and a fashionable look is ideal for the home office or the time in lockdown. Two-piece suits made of viscose or silk are comfortable and don’t look like a baggy look, but elegant – and they make you feel comfortable right away.

Pajamas can also be enhanced with a high-quality kimono or dressing gown made of satin, silk or viscose. A throw also provides an additional cuddle factor. Stylish and practical at the same time.

It is the epitome of comfort: the cuddly sweater. And this it-piece is not only a must-have when it comes to homewear. You can also wear it with jeans or tights and create a cool look even after the lockdown. For the time at home, an oversized jumper with a cozy factor is also exactly the right choice. It is best if it is really oversized and long so that you can snuggle up really nicely.

Models made of teddy fleece, wool or, best of all, cashmere ensure a real feel-good factor and also look good. It is a matter of taste whether you end up choosing a jumper or a hoodie or a cardigan in XXL format. The main thing is cuddly!

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “If you wear sweatpants, you have lost control of your life.” But one thing is certain: neither sweatpants nor jogging suits are still no-gos when it comes to fashion trends. On the contrary: jogging suits are particularly popular when it comes to home wear and often have little to do with the typical “baggy look”. The suits are now not only available in gray or brown and they are no longer bulky.

For example, tight-fitting jogging pants that are not made of solid, thicker fabric are fashionable. Combined with a cool matching hoodie, they create a chic homewear look. Best in colors that directly lighten the mood: lilac, pink, yellow or light blue, for example.

These homewear trends don’t just ensure that we dress comfortably in lockdown. You can easily wear cuddly sweaters or jogging suits later in everyday life. Add chic sneakers or boots and you have a street style look that no one suspects was actually intended for the couch.

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