With this trend, the anticipation of spring should continue to grow. Pastel shades and candy colors are now particularly popular and give our everyday looks a fresh coat of paint. Fashionistas mainly opt for pastel monochrome looks or coats in summery colors such as lilac and peach. With these tips nothing goes wrong with styling.

Monochrome looks or tone-on-tone outfits have been in trend for a few months anyway. Appropriately for spring, they now come in soft tones. Inspiration comes from Amira Pocher (30), who presents an ensemble of wide trousers, an oversized blazer and a bra in different shades of pink on Instagram. The bright colors not only look fresh, they also make our complexion shine and look a little tan.

Of course, the whole thing also works in a pastel light green, as the model Heidi Klum (49) proves. She also combined green stilettos and a black corsage with a low neckline with her casually chic oversize pants suit. Luxury labels such as Longchamp, Chanel and Ferragamo are also currently using pastel shades in their spring collections.

If you need a change of color, you can just go for a pastel garment. Candy-colored coats, for example, are also very popular at the moment, especially in lilac, old rose, apricot, peach and pink. The latter color also seems to have attracted fashion blogger Leonie Hanne (34). She recently wore a neon pink XXL wool coat with the pompous floral dress by Carolina Herrera.

Accessories such as handbags and sneakers are currently also often found in spring colors and should not be missing in any wardrobe.