The days are getting longer and our outfits are finally airier: Spring is just around the corner. And with it the latest spring fashion 2023. But what is currently in trend? We have the latest trends and styling tips – also with regard to summer fashion 2023.

The spring and summer fashion as well as the general fashion trends 2023 will definitely put you in a good mood: Because bright colors, prints and pattern mix styles in all possible variants create a good mood. It doesn’t matter whether it’s polka dots in combination with leo sneakers or a floral dress with a striped cardigan: the trend is towards maximalism. If you like, you can mix and match wildly – but of course the overall look shouldn’t be completely overloaded. Bright leo shoes should perhaps be mixed with a more subtle striped look so that there are still obvious highlights in the look.

Balloon and puff sleeves have been important when it comes to fashion trends for a while now. They also play a role in spring and summer fashion 2023. Tops, jackets, coats and dresses should not only have voluminous sleeves, but also dramatic, pointed shoulder pads.

When the temperatures rise again and you can safely do without jackets, the next spring trend can be staged: sophisticated cut-out details on tops and dresses. This shows skin in a subtle way and turns boring tops into real eye-catchers. You can also make them yourself with a few targeted cuts. Tops with cut-outs look great with casual jeans. Cut-out dresses are great to combine with sneakers – that ensures a slight break in style and an extra portion of nonchalance.

If you want to show even more skin, the next fashion trend in spring and summer is also exciting for you: Sports bras and bralettes are the new crop top and can now be seen under the blazer. The lingerie looks particularly good with high-cut pants or skirts and is therefore suitable for everyday use. Bralettes also look good under a chic two-piece suit. Simple models in particular can be combined in a cool way, for example with high-waisted mom jeans, a casual blazer and sneakers.

In spring and summer you only need light jackets – and there is one that is particularly in focus: the trench coat. The classic comes in spring and summer fashion 2023 deconstructed, decorated with denim elements or as an XL version. The leather version is also particularly popular and can be combined in a cool way.

But things can be cozy all year round: XXL fashion, loungewear and sneakers are all the rage. Mesh fabrics, for example in the form of airy cardigans or bags, are also trendy.

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