They are comfortable, versatile and never go out of style: sneakers simply belong in every shoe closet. But which models are particularly popular at the moment? We present the sneaker trends for 2023 – and also have styling tips at hand.

While black or red sneakers have also been trendy in recent years, in 2023 white sneakers are the right choice. If you still have classics in your closet, you can carry them out with a clear conscience and are therefore right on trend. Above all, chunky or ugly models and high-top sneakers in white are popular with both women and men. You can read here which white sneakers are trending in 2023.

Styling tip: You really can’t go wrong with any look with white sneakers: They go just as well with a jeans-pullover combination as they do with a suit or dress as a style-breaking element. Especially in the chunky or ugly version, i.e. a little clumsy, they are eye-catchers in every look.

The chunky and particularly eye-catching sneaker models are still popular. In 2023, however, ugly or chunky sneakers will come in a somewhat toned-down version and no longer follow the motto: the more, the better. So if the shape is already striking, the color can be a little more reserved. The other way around: If the color of the sneaker is already an eye-catcher, the shape should not be extreme. Models with a narrower silhouette and cool color combinations are particularly popular.

Styling tip: Chunky or ugly sneakers in a toned-down form can be combined in many ways. They always go great with jeans and ensure the necessary eye-catching effect with a casual outfit, as well as with a blazer or suit combination. If you are brave, you can also style the chunky shoes with a skirt or dress. You should only make sure that the colors of the sneaker are also reflected in the top or dress in order to create an overall harmonious look with few extreme disruptive factors, but still excitement.

While low-top sneakers, i.e. slightly lower-cut shoes, have mostly been popular in recent years, the sneaker trends of 2023 mean that things can go high. Based on classic basketball shoes, the trend sneakers can also come with prints or in the series or band version. Cool high-top models are currently available from Vans in the Foo Fighters variant, from Adidas (“Forum 84”), Nike (“Dunk”) and also Converse. But it can also be classics like Vans.

Styling tip: Since high-top sneakers don’t look as delicate as low-top models and cover the ankle, they are less suitable with a dress or skirt, but go best with trousers. But they also add a cool touch to suit, blazer or jacket combinations.

The high-top sneakers already indicate it: in 2023, the sneaker trends will be a bit marked by the past. Retro sneakers are back in fashion. Our shoes are therefore welcome to pick up trends from the past few years and we can get cool models out of the shoe closet again: for example classic Vans with a check pattern, Nike Air Max or other sneaker sweethearts, also with series prints.

But the sneaker trends for 2023 are also practical: running shoes are popular, which can not only be combined as a fashion highlight, but which also have a function. So the purchase is doubly worth it.

Styling tip: Running shoes can be combined in a similar way to ugly or chunky sneakers and naturally add a sporty touch to an outfit. Depending on your taste, they go with the street style look, but also with a feminine or business look.

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