The latest jacket trends are needed for winter 2023, because it’s transitional jacket time again. What does the textile have to be able to do? It should neither be too warm nor too cold. Perfect for the transition from winter to spring when the weather changes quickly. Far from being practical, transitional jackets are also beautiful eye-catchers. Here are five trends to keep in mind this year.

It is the all-rounder among the transitional jackets: the blazer. As well as it suits the office and evening occasions, it perfectly completes the layered look in 2023. Important: The blazer is larger this year, as oversized blazers fit wonderfully over hoodies. The trend combination is well suited for changeable days where sun, clouds and wind alternate every hour. The blazer can be kept in muted tones, while the hoodie underneath can definitely tolerate color.

It may not be particularly surprising, but the classic coat should not be missing from the 2023 transitional jacket trends. The trench coat is the ideal transition jacket because it is wind and rainproof. A real trench coat needs the classic belt around the waist and does not have a hood. This winter, long trench coats are fashionable. You can break up the classic look with sturdy boots.

Quilted jackets and coats stand out visually. The jackets are perfect as transitional jackets for the winter because they are neither too thick nor too thin and keep you pleasantly warm. The characteristic feature of a quilted jacket is the quilted seam. The structure is variable, it can be a honeycomb or rib structure or even a diamond or herringbone pattern. The small chambers in the fabric optimally insulate the heat and yet the transitional jacket is light as a feather.

The shirt jacket will remain trendy in winter 2023. The mix of shirt and jacket fits every style because it is available in numerous colors, patterns and materials. During the golden season, the so-called shakets come in beautiful beige and cream tones. High-waisted jeans and nice ankle boots or sturdy boots go well with this.

A good denim jacket belongs in every wardrobe. The basic is available in a variety of washes and colors. The basic equipment includes a jacket in denim blue or a beautiful anthracite. The versatile jacket never goes out of style and goes well with jeans, a skirt or a dress.

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