Guido Maria Kretschmer lost his father. The well-known designer and TV presenter announced the sad news on Instagram and remembered Erich Kretschmer, who died at the age of 87, with moving lines. “Last week my beloved father spread his wings and left us,” begins the post, in which the 58-year-old speaks warmly about the deceased. “My father was full of love, good nature and warmth,” he continues. He always showed him that life is very happy if you are decent and loving. Advice that Kretschmer certainly took to heart in the eyes of his fans.

“Everything I am, I am because of him because he nurtured the good in me. I’ll miss you so much, dad,” the designer, known from TV formats like “Shopping Queen”, closes his Instagram post, that accompanied by a black and white photograph. Kretschmer can be seen with his father Erich.

The “Bild” newspaper first reported on Erich Kretschmer’s death. According to the report, the funeral took place on Saturday in Kretschmer’s home community near Warendorf in Westphalia. According to this, the deceased was buried with close family and friends.

According to “Bild”, Guido Maria Kretschmer had a very close relationship with his parents. “It was never a problem for her that I’m gay,” the newspaper quoted the designer as saying. “They are two free spirits, with no legacy and very emotional.”

Numerous prominent followers expressed their condolences on Instagram. “My sincere condolences to you both,” writes nobility expert Michael Begasse. “In the heart he always lives in you,” actress Tina Ruland is convinced. And Frauke Ludowig remembers: “I got to know your father! Your parents gave you the best values ​​on your way.”

Source:, “Bild” newspaper