Inka Bause (55) announces the first kiss of the season at the start of the fifth episode of “Bauer sucht Frau” (Monday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, also on RTL). Apparently she didn’t count Simone’s (55) basement attack on Siegfried in episode three. Just like the kisses with which the two of them sealed in episode four that Siegfried would keep Simone on the farm and send Patricia (53) home.

Inka Bause doesn’t want to reveal who exchanges the first real kiss at the beginning. There are enough candidates who are already “sizzling”, as everyone says.

It starts with Stefanie (41), who is starting her farm week. She invited Philipp (37) and Timo (37), who are not only the same age but also look almost the same. Philipp immediately raves about the poultry farmer, who looks just as “sexy” in work clothes as she does in an evening dress at the barn festival. Sexy Stefanie surprises her boys with work gloves that she left on their beds as a welcome gift.

The two court boys are also very similar in character. So it’s surprising that Stefanie singles out Phillip and calls him too shy. If he doesn’t overcome his shyness, things could get “bumpy,” she threatens.

Patrick (27) is also heading to the farm week. The young farmer picks up Annika (26) and Sarina (24) in a car with a log cabin mounted on the back of the car.

Jenny (21) is still very new to sheep farmer Hannes (24). So no candidates for the first kiss. Jenny is first invited to dinner with his parents. Hannes’ father fires off one pawn rule after the other. “Everything is temporary, except the cow’s tail, which is elongated,” or “If the farmer is dead in the cellar, the woman was faster again.” When Jenny utters a prosaic saying – “Love fades, hectares last” – the room becomes silent for a moment.

Carolin (27) and Marcel (25) are also confronted with a kind of farmer’s rule. After the two climb a mountain of hay bales – she elegantly, he rather bumpily – Carolin’s grandma Elfriede serves schnapps. She recites a rhyme that ends with the fathering of children: “A schnapps is good in the morning, no less so at lunchtime. And whoever still has schnapps in the evening also produces beautiful children.” Crude peasant humor.

André (33) and Julia (29) don’t climb onto hay bales, but rather unwrap one. Then, hugging each other, they plunge into the freshly spread hay. There’s a brief crackle, but there’s no kiss for now.

Siegfried kisses Simone’s hand when she slightly injures herself while driving in a wooden stake. But that’s not the kiss Inka Bause promised either. But he could fall shortly afterwards. Because Siegfried invites Simone into the whirlpool of an inn. But things don’t get any more intimate in the water either.

In return, the farmer with his porn mustache pays his chosen one the best compliment in TV history. Her body is “mediocre” (sic!). Not too thick and not too thin. Okaaaaay… Siegfried is not only a bit clumsy with words, but also when it comes to eating. When he eats “Hessian tapas,” a lot of it ends up on his table and plate (“That’s normal in the Odenwald”). She still has to “educate” him while eating, says Simone. That could be difficult. When it comes to eating, Siegfried doesn’t know anything, “that’s the top priority.” It also sounds like a farmer’s rule.

And where does the first kiss finally fall? Of course with Hans (65) and Elke (62). No surprise if you have observed her development so far on “Bauer sucht Frau”. The romantic moment still comes out of nowhere, in an everyday moment. After Elke gracefully straddles a fence, they kiss deeply. Hans raves about “merging” in the kiss; it was “incredibly beautiful.”

André and Julia, on the other hand, just miss a kiss. They both jerk their heads and he resorts to a cheap trick (“You’ve got something on your face”). But it’s just a kiss from him on her cheek.

And how are Carolin and Marcel doing “emotionally”? He admits to her that he has “somehow fallen for her” and can imagine more. “I feel that too,” she says matter-of-factly, emotionally speaking you can’t expect anything more from the brittle farmer’s wife. Then at least there is a hug. Grandma Elfriede’s schnapps voodoo apparently helped.