Five finalists went into the last episode of the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season, but only one left the TV container as the winner: Yeliz Koc (30). The reality TV participant narrowly prevailed against social media star Marco Schlitzer (21) in the final.

In the race for victory and prize money of 100,000 euros, in addition to Koc and Schlitzer, there were also reality participant Paulina Ljubas (26), Matthias Mangiapane (40), who is also experienced in reality formats, and Peter Klein (56), the husband of the previous one Iris Klein (56), who has already left.

In one game, the finalists were able to fight for immunity for the first exit. In “Mini Impostor” they had to stack a small tower of wooden stones as high as possible in four minutes according to the principle of the skill game “Jenga”. Klein, Koc and Schlitzer were safe, while Mangiapane lost the voting duel against Ljubas. Apparently quite composed, he left the container. He thought it would be over for him even sooner.

In a second game, “Mini Mat Surfing,” the remaining celebrities had to transport a glass on a small surfboard over cans to a champagne bottle. This time Ljubas had to tremble together with Stretcher, but ultimately lost out. In contrast to Mangiapane, everything was “very emotional” for the 26-year-old, as she explained with a few tears.

Klein took third place – without any game. As enthusiastic “Celebrity Big Brother” viewers might have already guessed, after the end it was once again about his broken relationship with his wife Iris. At least after a public drama, the show was an opportunity for both of them to find a basis for how they could possibly deal with each other in the future.

Towards the end of the show, the remaining Schnurr and Koc were able to say a few words to the TV audience to promote their victory. He thought everything was “really crazy” and his heart was beating “like crazy,” explained the young influencer. However, the internet star narrowly missed out on the high prize money in his first participation in a reality TV format.

“We are both winners, no matter how it turns out today,” explained the 30-year-old before the announcement. Koc said that she had reached her limits in the container and wanted to donate some of the prize money to her doctor, who flies to Ghana every year to operate on people there. Another part should go to her mother.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Koc finally cried tears of joy after learning of her victory. And who knows, maybe the former “The Bachelor” candidate has found her true love on TV after all? The previously eliminated YouTuber Ron Bielecki (25) seemed to at least hint in the studio that he might have had a bit of a crush on Koc.

However, the winners on Monday were also fans of the format. As moderator Jochen Schropp (45) and his colleague Marlene Lufen (52) confirmed, there will be another season of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2024.