Ralph Ineson (54) and his colleague John Malkovich (70) enrich the cast of the next “Fantastic Four” film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ineson can be seen in the main role as the antagonist of the fantastic four superheroes. According to Deadline, it is not yet known what role Malkovich will play. Filming for the latest Marvel films starts in midsummer. The film is scheduled to be shown in 2025.

For Ralph Ineson, the role of the villain is anything but unknown. On the contrary: After humorous excursions on “The Office”, the British actor has scared many people over the past three decades. As the creepy wizard Amycus Carrow, he caused shivers of fear in novice magician Harry Potter in a total of three films. “Game of Thrones” fans also know Ineson’s dark side. As the looter Dagmer Cleftjaw, he was an integral part of the cast of the second season of the global hit series. That’s not all about the horror genre: in “The Witch” he also gave fans of dark art a pleasant feeling of horror. The next “Fantastic Four” film is the first under the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) umbrella. The four heroes are threatened with strong headwinds from their main adversary Galactus, played by Ineson. Ineson can currently be seen as a priest in 20th Century’s “The First Omen.”

In addition to Ralph Ineson, John Malkovich will also be part of the “Fantastic Four” family starting this summer. As Deadline has learned, the renowned Hollywood actor is also coming on board the MCU for a role in the Fantastic Four. But similar to the recently cast Paul Walter Hauser (37), known from the mini-series “Black Bird”, Malkovich’s role is still secret. The same applies to the plot of the superhero flick. However, it is clear who the Fantastic Four will be: Pedro Pascal (49) takes on the role of Reed Richards, alias “Mr. Fantastic”. Vanessa Kirby (36) plays Sue Storm aka “the invisible woman”. Joseph Quinn (30) embodies Johnny Storm aka “the Human Torch”. And Ebon Moss-Bachrach (47) is also part of the hero quartet in the leading role of Ben Grimm alias “das Ding”.