She beamed, laughed, obviously had fun: If Alex Mariah Peter was excited before her “Let’s Dance” debut, she didn’t show it. The model is part of this year’s cast of the RTL classic and was partnered with professional dancer Alexandru Ionel at the introductory show on Friday. In an interview with the star after the live show, Alex explains that she is particularly looking forward to the contemporary in a future show, “because it challenges me the most to show emotions and I obviously find it very difficult”.

She danced a slow waltz in a group with the best of the night, Anna Ermakova, and Klitschko ex Natalia Yegorova. After the dance, juror Joachim Llambi was “torn”. “On the one hand, you did well, held your arm well, but I want you to be a little more aggressive, be a little more independent, give a little more of yourself.”

At first she was not comfortable with the closeness of the body when dancing. “I let go of this fear very quickly. I noticed that it’s very professional, the boys are all married and have babies – that makes it easier, I have to honestly say,” said the 25-year-old with a laugh. “I think it will very quickly turn into enjoying.”

Participation in another primetime show was a pleasure: in 2021 Alex Mariah Peter won “Germany’s Next Top Model”. A little piece of history, because she was the first trans woman to win the modeling competition. For years there have been complaints that the show moderated by Heidi Klum is fake. Recently, former participants reported that their feet were even creamed so that they stumble and fall when walking the catwalk. Untrue, said the model mom on Thursday evening in a 15-minute clip before the start of the new season. In addition, GNTM is not scripted, they value diversity and give the girls a “career platform” with their show. Whether that will silence the criticism remains to be seen.

“I was very, very fond of Heidi and took it to my heart. Apparently she took a liking to me,” confirms former GNTM winner Alex. “I can’t say anything negative about Heidi, only positive things. Of course it’s subjective, but that’s every opinion. We remember the negative things and forget the positive ones.”