Some children with ADHD respond to external stimuli with overwhelming behaviors. If a child moves excessively, it can be a sign of inner tension, for example, says ADHD expert and author Heike Hahn. In this case, admonishing the child to fidget less and sit still does not help. Parents should make sure that the child can vent this tension in other ways. For example, by getting more exercise in the fresh air or by using a trampoline or a hammock to swing.

Another typical behavior of children with ADHD is that many talk incessantly. On the one hand, this can be because they actually need to be quiet or because they don’t feel heard. Heike Hahn gives parents the tip to create “islands of attention” where you can devote 100 percent of your time to the children.

Other behaviors discussed in the video include constantly touching objects, poor reactions/listening, behavior in new situations, constantly interrupting the other person, as well as impulsivity and tantrums. Heike Hahn also explains which sentences from the child parents can use to recognize that children have low self-esteem, which may have arisen from a lot of negative feedback on their behavior.