YouTuber, influencer and blogger Jolina Mennen (30) had to do the reality TV show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (on RTL and RTL ) left shortly before the grand finale. Unlike other campers, she had no problem with hunger. There was a special challenge for her in the Australian bush, as she explains in an interview with spot on news.

Jolina Mennen: I’m doing really, really well. I leave the jungle camp with my chest swollen with pride and my head held high as fourth place. It’s a great achievement and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Mennen: The time in the jungle was definitely a challenge. Nonetheless, nowhere near the hardest time of my life. I think anyone who has experienced discrimination and exclusion, be it because of race, sexual identity and orientation or whatever, knows what a really tough time it is. Fasting a bit in the jungle with other candidates and enduring exams is fun and challenging, but has nothing to do with a hard time.

Mennen: The biggest challenge for me in the camp was giving up my self-determined life. On the other hand, I had no problem with hunger. My stomach didn’t even growl in the two and a half weeks. I had an appetite or bored in between, but our basic needs were taken care of. Of course I would have liked fries, but I wasn’t hungry. I think real hunger feels different. It was more exhausting for me to wait for the next jungle test or to be called into the jungle phone and receive the next requests, because that made me feel a bit alienated.

Mennen: I’ve lost almost seven kilos, which is quite a lot. My clothes are pretty loose right now. But maybe that’s a really good starting point that I can cut a pretty good figure in my bathing suit at the RTL high diving next week.

Mennen: I always tend to put myself under incredible pressure. At home, the rule was “100 percent or it’s nothing”. At the camp I learned that even an average performance can sometimes be perfectly fine if you have given your best. I think this is a learning that will greatly enrich my future life.

Mennen: I think Djamila deserves it the most. She’s made an incredible transformation in the last few days. In the first two weeks she was very quiet, always withdrew and repeatedly thought about moving out voluntarily. And now that the group is getting smaller and smaller, it’s easier for her to get out of her shell. I think this is the hero’s journey that Germany wants to see.