The Stuttgart musician Cosimo Citiolo (41) had to leave the jungle camp shortly before the final. He would have liked to have stayed longer because of the money. Nevertheless, he achieved his goal of being able to pay off his debts. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, he tells, among other things, about the hardest thing for him in the jungle camp: hunger.

Cosimo Citiolo: I would definitely prefer to be inside because I could have used the money.

Citiolo: Yes, that was definitely one of the hardest experiences I’ve had in my life so far. I definitely know now what it’s like to appreciate every grain of rice.

Citiolo: Yes, before moving into the jungle camp, we still got three-course meals in the hotel room. And suddenly you only get beans and rice and only in small quantities. That was awesome, I suffered a lot for the first five days. Then my stomach got used to it. Still, I got more and more tired and it got harder and harder. Yesterday and today I thought: “Oh my God, how am I supposed to keep going?”

Citiolo: My mood wasn’t as good at the end as it was at the beginning, that’s true. But that’s also human, I think. In addition, I had the highest starting weight. And if you then lose weight radically, like here now, that’s obviously awesome. I lost nine kilos.

Citiolo: I got spaghetti bolognese and ravioli – and ate both with two forks at the same time. That made me very happy. (laughs)

Citiolo: I also had a lot of fun in the jungle camp. Whenever there was a fight, I would rather go away and distract myself with funny things. Arguing is not my thing. But it is also very positive that I got many engagements during the two weeks that my friend Natalie coordinated for me. That makes me very happy. Now I can pay off my debt.

Citiolo: I actually got along best with the three finalists Gigi, Luca, Djamila – and of course with Claudia.

Citiolo: I don’t begrudge the jungle crown to all three. The best person should win.