Many people were angry that ex-minister of health Jens Spahn (42) and husband Daniel Funke (41) bought a villa in Berlin in the middle of the corona pandemic. This inglorious chapter has now come to an abrupt end – as Spahn confirmed to “t-online”: “Yes, we sold the house”.

Several factors led to this decision. One of them is the insight: “The purchase back then was the wrong time, in the middle of the pandemic.” The resentment of some people also took on traits that were no longer tolerable: “Anonymous mail comes regularly, only recently a package with faeces,” says Spahn. In addition, groups of people apparently gathered again and again in front of the property to demonstrate.

The result: “The hoped-for retreat” in Berlin’s posh district of Dahlem “has become a source of unrest, also due to our own mistakes in dealing with it.” Since no new home has yet been found, the couple will remain in the house for the time being. According to the report, the move is planned for the middle of this year.