The final of the ESC 2023 will take place in Liverpool on May 13th. The semi-finals will take place on May 9th and 11th. The famous music competition has a long tradition – a look back at winners, losers and repeat offenders.

All countries that are members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are eligible to participate in the ESC, but there is no obligation. Therefore, the number of participations can differ from year to year. According to “”, Germany has 67 participations (this includes the planned participation in the ESC in Rotterdam, which was canceled in 2020). It is followed by France with 66 and Belgium with 65.

Ireland tops the list of most successful ESC countries. Irish artists have won seven times for their home country, including Johnny Logan (68), who won in 1980 and 1987. The country came second four times and third place once. Sweden managed six wins and this year’s hosts Great Britain five. The latter can also book a whopping 16 second places.

Not only Johnny Logan competed several times at the ESC. Belgian Fud Leclerc (1924-2010) represented his country four times. He had to accept a sad record the last time he took part: he was the first singer in the history of the contest to receive zero points. Elisabeth Andreassen (65) for Norway, Valentina Monetta (48) for San Marino and Peter, Sue

Germany has had two wins so far. In 2010, Lena Meyer-Landrut (31) won the race with “Satellite” in Norway’s capital Oslo. Nicole (58) with “A little peace” won in 1982 in Harrogate, England. The singer is also part of a special list of the best.

According to “” Alexander Rybak (36, Norway) leads the list of winners with the greatest gap to second place since 1975. Nicole and Katrina

Finland and Norway have clinched most of the last places in the competition so far. Austria and Switzerland also have many lower rankings. Germany and Austria again share the place with most zero points (includes zero points in the jury or televoting as well as in the semifinals). The countries had to accept the worst rating six times, most recently Malik Harris (25) for Germany, who finished last in 2022 with zero points from the jury voting (six points from televoting). Since 2016, jury and audience ratings have been separated.

The Eurovision Song Contest has been held in the country of the previous year’s winner since 1958. Another country stepped in to host the Siegerland six times. This year’s hosts, Great Britain, who are helping out for Ukraine, have already hosted the event eight times. Ireland follows with seven, Sweden with six and the Netherlands with five editions. The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won in 2022, but the 67th ESC was relocated to Great Britain due to planning uncertainty and security concerns due to the war in Ukraine.