British musician Rita Ora (32, “For You”) remembers the importance of the competition for her family before her performance in the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. “It ran in our house every year when I grew up. It was always a big event. I’m a European girl from Eastern Europe,” Ora told the German Press Agency.

The musician was born in 1990 in Pristina in today’s Kosovo. A little later her family emigrated to Great Britain. For her, the ESC is a very special musical event. “The competition is huge because all of Europe is represented and there is so much talent there. This year it will be even more special because we pay respect to Ukraine.”

Ora is on stage in the first of two semi-finals this Tuesday in Liverpool. She presents a medley of her hits and the current song “Praising You”, a modern version of the 1990s Fatboy Slim hit “Praise You”. The final of the ESC will take place on May 13th.