Exit games are no longer a new trend: the tricky puzzles have been enjoying increasing popularity for a number of years. Participants have to escape from a room within a certain time by solving various puzzles and tasks.

In contrast to live escape games, escape room games for home take place in a private environment, for example in your own four walls or with friends. The games can be played either alone or in groups and offer a mix of tricky brain teasers, creative challenges and sometimes physical puzzles. The most well-known game set series is called “Exit”, comes from Kosmos and has won several awards.

“Exit: The Return to the Abandoned Shack” is an escape room game in which players take on the role of investigators stranded in an abandoned shack. Your goal is to solve a series of puzzles and crack codes.

At the start of the game, players are given instructions, a decoding disk, a playing card, and a series of sealed envelopes containing clues and riddles. You must read the clues and solve puzzles to open new envelopes and get more clues. The game is suitable for one to four players aged twelve and over and does not require any special previous knowledge or skills. It’s a fun and challenging pastime that can be played alone or in a group.

The “Exit: Return to the Abandoned Hut” costs between twelve and 17 euros. You can buy them on Amazon or Thalia, for example.

“Exit: The Return to the Abandoned Hut” is one of more than 30 game sets from the provider Kosmos. However, it is only playable once: utensils must be torn, labeled or bent during the game. After a round, it cannot be gifted or played again. It ends up in the trash. Some manufacturers want to prevent this and focus on sustainability.

There are now numerous providers of so-called “Green Exit Games”. Various environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are used to enjoy the fun with a clear conscience. Instead of disposable products and plastic, these providers often rely on reusable puzzles and wooden materials, for example.

But not only environmentally conscious players benefit from sustainable exit games: The providers themselves can also use it to set themselves apart from the competition and build a positive image. At the same time, they set an important example for environmental protection and sustainability in the leisure industry. The provider Kosmos is one of them. In addition to the disposable games in the “Exit” series, Komsos also produces sustainable alternatives.

“Adventure games”, as the name suggests, are games about experiencing a story and going on adventures. Typically there is a main character controlled by the player and an environment that can be explored. The player must solve various puzzles to progress, and there are usually dialogues with other characters as well.

As the name suggests, “Grand Hotel Abaddon” is set in a hotel. It is suitable for ages twelve and up and for one to four players. You explore different rooms and floors to find clues and solve puzzles. There are multiple characters to talk to and choices that affect how the story unfolds.

The “Adventure Games” cost between twelve and 17 euros. You can buy them from Amazon or Thalia, for example.

“Unlock! – In the Clutches of Hades” is a cooperative escape room game for one to six players. The game is based on a combination of cards, puzzles and an app that guides players through the adventure. At the start of the game, players are given a brief introduction to the story and rules. Then they have to solve various puzzles to reach the next room or area. Each room is represented by a map containing various items and clues that will help players solve the puzzle and progress.

The aim of the game is to solve all the puzzles and complete the game in a certain time. If players take too long or make too many mistakes, they lose the game. There is also a way to get hints to progress through difficult puzzles. Overall, “Unlock! – In the Clutches of Hades” is a challenging and addictive game that challenges players and is a lot of fun.

The Unlock! games cost between twelve and 17 euros. You can buy them from Amazon or Thalia, for example.

Deckscape – Heist in Venice is an addictive game that takes players on an exciting journey through the picturesque streets of Venice. The game consists of a series of cards arranged in a pile. Each map contains clues, puzzles and challenges that players must solve to progress. They must carefully consider what steps they will take next to complete their mission and complete the heist.

During the game, players must use different skills, such as logical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. The game is highly interactive and requires close cooperation and communication between players to be successful. “Deckscape – Robbery in Venice” is for one to six players and ages twelve and up.

“Deckscape – Robbery in Venice” costs around eleven euros. You can buy them from Amazon or Thalia, for example.

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